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Good or Bad Vibes?


Vibrator Crusaders!


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 Last night I emailed one of the UK's largest sex-toy retailers (lovehoney.co.uk) with regard to the Sue Johanson toys.  It seems that they too were misled about the makeup of the 'Royal' range, and had been led to believe that the toys were made of premium silicone.  I've received two emails from them this morning, here's the second one:

"Thank you for contacting LoveHoney.
I have passed on your message to our Product Manager, and we have now updated our product information. The product is now listed as:
Material: Skin Safe Rubber
Supplier material: TPR Silicone
We thank you for informing us of this, and we have now removed this item for the Silicone Vibrators section of our website.
Thank you again for contacing LoveHoney"

Yay!  I like to start the day with a victory, however small.
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