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Life on Mars
 Hi!  Recently I've become more aware of problems surrounding sex toys.   Sex toys are not regulated.  They are classed as 'novelty items' and as such are made to wildly varying standards, and can be made from materials that we wouldn't normally dream of putting inside our bodies.   I own many, and it's been quite a journey from "Ooh shiny!" to "It's made of WHAT?".

 Many manufacturers don't care what's in their toys as long as they sell, and look nice.  There may even be an assumption that customers who do have a bad experience with a toy will be too embarrassed or ashamed to seek a refund or replacement, so the practice of making sex toys out of questionable materials goes unchecked.  This needs to stop!  The sale of products such as 'Anal-Eze Numbing Cream' and various 'Pussy Tightening' potions also needs to be challenged, and the make-up of these products scrutinised, as there is the potential for injury and distress.

Sex and masturbation should be fun, not a painful, risky endeavour.

  Use this community to ask other members about a toy you're thinking of buying, safe use of sex toys and lubes, and responsible, consumer-friendly retailers and manufacturers.  Also, warn us about mislabeled products, misleading sales blurb, and bad experiences with manufacturers or retailers.  If companies are lying to consumers, they should be taken to task over it.  If they're not ashamed to take our money, we shouldn't be ashamed to complain if something goes wrong!

 Some useful links, while I'm working on some informative items:

Badvibes - Coalition Against Toxic Toys

Unsafe sex products 

Toxins in Sex Toys
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